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Orford Road - Single Bungalow

Planning consultant advice on a constrained backland site in Orford, Warrington.

Client: BWF Ltd.

Architecture: Randle White Architects



NUKO Planning was appointed by the Egerton Trust to offer planning consultant advice on a constrained backland site in Orford, Warrington Borough Council.  Earlier proposals on the site had presented conflicts in terms of neighbouring residential amenity (overlooking) and highways, resulting in high levels of public objection and political interest from members.


NUKO Planning recommended changes to the proposed design based on a robust analysis of adopted planning-policy; outlook was limited to only away from the existing dwellings, and the application was supported by professional external transport (highways advice).


Earlier proposals for the site were considered too large and overly dominant for this residential location.  Additionally, the access was compromised in terms of visibility.


NUKO Planning worked with Warrington Borough Council to amend the proposals and reach a design that represented an agreeable solution for all parties, but one that still maximised on excellent views across Orford Fields.  


The Highways position was supported by an external Highways Consultant, who was able to robustly defend the visibility for the proposed level of vehicular movements to and from the site.


The application was approved at Warrington’s Planning Committee in July 2020, with unanimous approval from committee members.

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