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PLAN_CL1_DR_305_Component Elevations-P1.jpg

Clifton Lane Phase 1b

Planning permission for a sub-station in Halton.

Client: Emerald Glow Ltd.

Architecture: Monika Mambiki (through NUKO Planning)

Ecology: Avian Ecology

PLAN_CL1_DR_100_Phase 1_Site Plan-A2.jpg


Following on from the successful application for a peaking power plant on the phase 1a site, Nuko planning was retained to gain permission for an alternative scheme for a grid connecting substation facility, phase 1b.


Details from the approved application phase 1b were strategically re-submitted to avoid duplicated work and saving the client money in external fees. the application was awarded full planning in October 2023, with no pre-commencement conditions because of this front loading. 

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