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Acorn House


Eight new units at Acorn House.

Client: BWF Ltd.

Architect: George Calver Architects

Highway Consultants: RSK

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In January 2021, NUKO successfully attained full planning permission for eight one- and two-bedroom flats on the site of an existing warehouse and office building on Houghton Street, Warrington, known as Acorn House.


Acorn House is on a constrained site, with the public highway to the south and Brickfield’s Park to the north and east, and existing two-storey residential housing to the west.

The site had limited capacity for policy compliant parking provision, but working collaboratively with George Calver Architects and Warrington Borough Council, NUKO Planning facilitated an agreeable compromise of 1:1 parking.

The wider economic and social benefits of the proposals were clearly articulated as part of the submission, helping to meet the borough's housing shortfall and improve the quality of the local area.


The approved design comprises three storeys and flat roof. It includes separate, enclosed bike and refuse storage facilities for the benefit of residents. Every unit is afforded with its own external amenity space, overlooking Brickfield's Park. The design by George Calver Architects made excellent use of the of the site, maximising it’s development potential whilst delivering a bespoke, high-quality residential building that improves the quality and urban design of the surrounding area - something that was recognised by the Council in their report.

Planning was achieved through delegated authority.

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