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Clifton Lane Phase 1a

Planning permission for a peaking power station in Halton.

Client: Emerald Glow Ltd.

Architecture: Monika Mambiki (through NUKO Planning)

Ecology: Avian Ecology



In November 2020, NUKO Planning successfully attained planning permission for a peaking power station in Halton.


Peaking power is an essential element of the UK’s renewable energy strategy. The facilities can respond quickly to peaks in electricity demand in a way that renewable sources currently cannot.


The application site presented a number of challenges in terms of ecology and open space planning policy designation.  Working closely with Avian Ecology, NUKO Planning was able to demonstrate sufficient mitigation and wider on-site ecological improvements to justify the development on the protected site.


 In terms of open space policy, the site’s poor accessibility and its limited alignment with the ambitions of Halton’s open space policy were articulated to the LPA.  


On balance, the LPA agreed with NUKO Planning that the value of a peaking power station in this location outweighed any potential harm caused, and recommended the application for approval.  


The scheme was heard at Halton’s Planning Committee, and given unanimous approval on 1st November 2020, subject to a condition limiting the hours of operation.

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