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Home development in the Surrey Green Belt

Architect: George Calver

Consultants: Harry Dodd



Phase 1

Working with George Calver Architects, NUKO Planning provided consultancy and advice to successfully secure permission for a replacement and enlarged home in the Surrey Green Belt. The application comprised the whole-scale redesign and expansion of an existing detached house in Tandridge District Council. Demonstrating 'very special circumstances' on grounds of good design and permitted development alternatives, the scheme secured an additional 106% floorspace when compared to the original dwelling. Permission was secured in December 2022.

The proposal seeks the sympathetic extension of the building, removing some parts and introducing additions in the shape of both single and two-storey extensions to the front and rear. The proposal will allow for the creation of an extended family dwelling that sits well within the existing and evolving context of Dorman's Park. 

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